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How to get the most out of your card readings? Here, we've gathered answers to all your Office Tarot-related questions. For info about shopping & shipping, click here 

The Basics

What is this ‘Office Tarot’ thing? 
Office Tarot is a lighthearted modern take on the traditional tarot combining the infinite wisdom of the corporate Universe with the banality of crappy stock photos in a complete deck, including 80 tarot cards and a handbook on how to handle all your 9-to-5 challenges.

Is Office Tarot like traditional tarot?
Office Tarot is nothing like traditional tarot. You will find no wands, no cups, no swords, and no pentacles. It is free from airy-fairy talk and esoterica. However, like any other tarot deck, Office Tarot works with archetypes and the great power that is your intuition. Let Wikipedia enlighten you if you'd like to learn more about the tarot

Does Office Tarot work?
You don’t have to believe in tarot for it to be useful to you. It is always worthwhile to ask yourself questions and reflect. Whether you take it seriously or draw cards for your sheer amusement, it’s all good.

When should I use Office Tarot? 
Many people draw cards to check in on themselves, gain insight into a current situation or to set the intention for a new work day. Draw a card if you're trying to figure out why something happened. Worries, burning questions, not sure how to handle a situation? Let the serendipitous wisdom of the deck guide you! Inspiration, motivation, procrastination – Office Tarot is here for you.

What are alternative uses for Office Tarot?
Apart from tarot readings, you can use Office Tarot to inspire brainstorms, strategy sessions, workshops, and creative sessions. Creative prompts, daily prompts, goal setting, scrum poker! Draw cards as a conversation starter or ice breaker. Liven up meetings. Use the deck as an ideation catalyst, visioning tool or as a brain break. Or think up your own use! 


Getting Started

What do you want me to do?
It’s easy. Take a moment. Put your feet on the ground, tune in, ask yourself a question, and draw a card. Look at the image, read the accompanying text in the handbook and reflect on it. Is this card true for you?

The more extended instruction: 
1. Put both your feet on the floor, take a deep breath, tune in and make a heart connection.

2. Close your eyes and ask yourself a question.

3. Take time to shuffle the deck. Make sure the images are face down.

4. Hold the deck in one hand and make a fan, images still face down. With your question in mind, move your other hand over the cards and intuitively draw the card that is calling out to you.

5. Look at the image, read the accompanying explanation in the handbook and let it all sink in. In what way is this card true for you?

How do I get the most out of my reading?
We find that the more tuned in you are, the more spot-on your card will be. Also: the more cards you draw, the more you’ll train your intuition and reflection skills and the better you get at understanding the underlying messages in the cards.

Can I draw more cards than one?
We're big fans of the one card-draw, because it's easy to do and easy to remember. Want to create even more meaning to your reading? Go ahead: google 'tarot card spreads' and you'll find dozens of complex spreads that have more cards in them. 

Help, I don’t know what to ask!
No problem, just pull a card without a question. We do it all the time, actually! It’s quite nice to draw cards ad hoc, because the card you pick will offer insight into the situation at hand. Do make sure you tune in before you draw, so you will have a better understanding of what the card is referring to. 

Help, the handbook's explanation makes no sense!
Office Tarot may not have all the answers to your questions, but deep down, you do. You could skip the text from the handbook and just look at the picture instead. What intuitively comes to mind? 

Help, I don’t like the answer I got!
Try reading between the lines. Did Office Tarot hit a blind spot? Or maybe the card you drew involves someone close to you. Also: you are a free person. Free to draw a new card.

How come there are 79 archetypes, but 80 cards? 
Sharp! There are two The Blank Sheet cards in the deck, that's why.