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Work will never be the same again.

A card deck dedicated to all your 9-to-5 challenges.

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"Office Tarot is my new obsession. Each card I draw is spot on."

Celine P. - Creative Director

"This is gold. Everyone should get into this."

Fonk Online

"Delightfully practical. I just pull a card whenever I get stuck."

Ronald V. - Serial Entrepreneur

"Like having a personal coach on call."

Harry K. - IT Business Analyst

Good. Fun.

Procrastinating your life away? Wondering how to get that corner office? Need to kill that presentation? Tongue-in-cheek, entertaining, and actually rather useful, Office Tarot offers endless corporate wisdom to enthusiastic office workers like yourself.

Archetypes for the win

 Archetypes are meaningful symbols that evoke deeper meaning and give access to deeper levels of insight, wisdom, creativity and connectedness. And it's not us saying this - it was Carl Jung himself. Office Tarot uncovered 79 office archetypes and the cheesiest stock photos to go with them.

Work with intuition and get instant return on investment.

As featured on TNW

Offering a pioneering approach to personal leadership, Office Tarot has been featured in the Future of Work track at The Next Web conference.

The Swiss Army knife of card decks

Tarot Readings • Goal Setting • Daily Prompts • Brainstorms • Strategizing • Coaching • Creative Prompts • Workshops • Scrum Poker • Conversation Starter • Ideation Catalyst • Visioning Tool • Brain Break

1 box, 1 handbook, 80 cards.

As featured on POM

Office Tarot has been praised by Holland's most respected tech podcast.

The Tarot that might actually help enthusiastic professionals like yourself grow.

Intuition is the highest form of intelligence. Office Tarot is designed to help you connect with yourself and tap into your highest self. Ask questions, draw a card, reflect, check in on yourself, tune in. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Be present. Gain clarity, focus, trust, and understanding. Unlock your creativity. Release your inner wisdom. Or, just have a laugh.

Your Questions, Answered.

Procrastinating your life away? Dealing with a narcissistic boss? Need to kill your next presentation? Office Tarot offers endless corporate wisdom and provides answers to all your work-related questions.

Get smarter with each card you pull.

Office Tarot invites you to ask questions and reflect on your drawn cards. Self-reflection is proven to build self awareness, which holds the key to your subconscious - your highest intelligence.

Office Tarot in 5 bullet points

Employee Gifting Done Right

The ultimate home workers care pack

Almost as good as actually being in the office. Show your remote team your appreciation and give the gift that keeps on giving.

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