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Office Tarot helps professionals grow


Seven years in the making, Office Tarot is 80 cards and an expansive handbook especially designed to help professionals grow in the most entertaining, supportive and simple way we could think of.

Office Tarot helps you tap into your highest intelligence your subconscious – and builds your self-awareness and intuitive skills. These are the key drivers to personal leadership that lead to more trust, clarity, peace of mind, confidence, creativity, connectedness, and understanding. 

Big words for a bunch of cards showing crappy stock photos. But what is the thinking behind it? How does it work? Allow us to enlighten you.

Office Tarot is a fast track to personal leadership and is based on 5 pillars:

  1. Build self-awareness
  2. Train intuition
  3. Tap into the subconscious
  4. Support & motivation
  5. Make it fun


  1. Build self-awareness

Office Tarot invites you to ask questions. When you draw a card and read the explanation in the handbook you instantly start to reflect: is this card true for me? In actual fact it doesn’t even matter whether the card is spot-on or not (although it usually is), the true value lies in you realizing what is true for you. This is how you gain self-awareness. And self-awareness – knowing how and why you feel and do – is what makes a great leader. Because once you truly understand yourself, you can take control of your life.   


  1. Train intuition

The more data-driven our world becomes, the more essential and valuable our intuition becomes. Ratio is incredibly overrated. When you take your intuition seriously, you’ll be able to make more visionary decisions, make deeper connections, become more aware and less fearful. Creative excellence? Emotional intelligence? Intuition, intuition, intuition. Think of Office Tarot as an intuition trainer - the more you do it, the better you get at tuning into yourself and sensing whether the card is true for you or not. Office Tarot teaches you to trust and listen to your gut.


  1. Tap into the subconscious

The tarot is powerful stuff because it works with deeply ingrained universal symbols, better known as archetypes. Archetypes are everywhere and keep reappearing in our cultural history. ‘The Wise Old Man’ for example (Yoda) or ‘the Hero’ (Luke Skywalker). Archetypes are so deeply ingrained into our collective consciousness that they instantly ‘click’, which makes it easy to relate to them. They provide a deeper understanding of being human, a map to navigate our lives, they can help us be better people or change our behavior. Archetypes are the key to our subconscious and offer easy access to deeper levels of insight, wisdom, creativity and connectedness. The CEO, the Secretary, the Watercooler: Office Tarot uncovered 79 contemporary office archetypes for you to actively work with.


  1. Support & Motivation

Being all that you can be is hard work. It is scary at times, it takes guts. The Office Tarot handbook gives insight into your draw and is filled with uplifting advice, practical personal leadership tips and transformational insights. It is written to uplift, support, coach, cheer and motivate. True, at times Office Tarot can be quite direct and blunt, but it always has your best interest at heart. Office Tarot is here to help you move forward.


  1. Make it fun

We used crappy stock photos. Because they make us laugh and humor breaks barriers and walls. We like to laugh. And we like to break barriers and walls.