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Working from home? Home Office Tarot!

Office Tarot is probably the next best thing to actually being in the office. There's a CEO, a water cooler, a cafeteria! But more than anything else: it lightheartedly helps you stay connected with yourself, which is so incredibly vital in these unusual pandemic times. 

We're here to support office workers. And since not everyone in the world will be able to get their hands on a copy of Office Tarot, we came up with something to be of service to all you deserving homeworkers out there. Introducing: Home Office Tarot offers free readings to homeworkers. Same cards, same archetypes, but with dedicated card explanations that helps you deal with all those working-from-home-challenges and COVID anxieties. Is right now perhaps the time for a nap, a chat, or a bit of exercise? How to prepare for your next video call? Endless support, self care tips, motivation, inspiration, procrastination... we've got you covered remote worker!  


Two ways to Home Office Tarot

1. Draw a card online
Visit, draw a card online and get tips and insights for homeworkers on the spot.

2. Use your Office Tarot deck
Draw a card from your physical card deck, look up the card below, click on the link and you'll be directed to the Home Office interpretation of your drawn card. 

1. The Receptionist

2. The Coach

3. The Sales Guy

4. The Secretary

5. The Manager

6. The Vice-President

7. The Visionary

8. The CEO

9. The Office Romance

10. The Consultants

11. The Bankruptcy

12. The Merge

13. The Customer

14. The Board

15. The Competitor

16. The Network

17. The Coworker

18. N/A

19. The Team

20. The Skyscraper

21. The Multinational

22. The 9-to-5er

23. The To-Do List

24. N/A

25. The Reorganization

26. The Powerpoint

27. The Cafeteria

28. The Controller

29. The Cloud

30. N/A

31. The Monday Blues

32. The Lunchtime Stroll

33. The Elevator

34. The Brand

35. The Pitch

36. The Takeover

37. The Allnighter

38. The Raise

39. The Brainstorm

40. The Sabbatical 

41. The Flip Chart

42. The K.I.S.S.

43. The Pinstripe Suit

44. The Notepad

45. The Water Cooler

46. The Commute

47. The Contract

48. N/A

49. The Corner Office 

50. The Office Clown 

51. The Planner

52. The Cubicle 

53. The Market 

54. The R&D

55. The Spreadsheet

56. The Vacation

57. The Projector

58. The Retirement

59. The Weekend

60. The Meeting Room

61. The Deal 

62. The Burnout

63. The Copier

64. The Big Idea

65. The Briefing 

66. The Promotion

67. The Conference Call

68. The Power Nap

69. The Office Party

70. The Business Trip

71. The Inventory

72. N/A

73. The Coffee Break

74. The Mission

75. The Startup

76. The Procrastinator

77. The Investment

78. The 80-20 Rule

79. The Blank Sheet